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September 23, 2012

Our mornings here in the North Georgia Mountains are getting brisk; autumn is in the air! And since now is the season to gather around the welcoming warmth of a cozy campfire, today’s topic is about campfire safety.


Some quick guidelines

–         Always check the weather conditions. Campfires are especially bad to have when conditions are far too dry (keeping a watch out for wet weather isn’t a bad idea either!).

–         Never build a campfire on a particularly windy day. Stray sparks or embers can travel far and create serious trouble.

–         Build your fire away from anything flammable (this includes overhanging tree branches or dry grass).

–         If at all possible, build your campfire in a fire pit.

–         NEVER use gasoline to “help” your fire along.

–         When using lighting fluid, be cautious and do not pour directly onto an open flame

–         Keep the environment clean; don’t burn garbage!

–         Don’t leave your campfire unattended.

–         Keep water and/or a shovel close by to douse the fire.

–         When putting out your fire with water, stir the embers and apply more water.

–         When using dirt or sand to put out a fire, use water. Still-burning coals still retain a good portion of their heat when buried.


Firewood Safety

Believe it or not, there are guidelines for firewood! Of course, these guidelines can vary from state to state, so you might want to brush up on some of these rules before going camping. The following guidelines, however, regard Georgia and the movement of wood across county or state lines.


Firstly, don’t move firewood! At least, be cautious about transporting it. Tree-killing insects, fungi, and diseases can hide in firewood. When the infected firewood travels, it takes those problems with it and even cause infestations in other areas. Even if you can’t see anything and the firewood seems fine, there could still be microscopic spores in the wood. And, because certain forest pests can occupy specific parts of the state, even moving wood a few miles or so can impact the new environment.


So what can you do? Well, you can use local firewood to start. However, if you’ve already brought your own firewood, the safest thing to do is burn ALL of it on-site before you leave. This helps to minimize potential distribution of pests. If you’re wondering how far you can transport your firewood, the answer is easy: don’t move firewood outside of the county it originated from.

For more information on Georgia firewood guidelines, please visit http://www.gatrees.org/ForestManagement/ForestHealth.cfm.

For information about your own state, you can visit your state’s Forestry Commission website.


And now for some campfire fun! We all know the campfire s’more classic: Hershey’s chocolate and marshmallow smashed between two graham crackers. But your campfire can help with so many other treats with just a bit of dedication.


Campfire Cherry Cobbler

Empty two 21-ounce cans of cherry pie filling into the bottom of a greased Dutch oven and cover with Bisquick shortcake batter. Put the lid on and place the pot directly onto the smoldering coals of the campfire, avoiding any intense flames. Cook for about thirty minutes, rotating every few minutes.


Banana Boat

Slice an unpeeled banana lengthwise without cutting all the way through the bottom peel. Pull it open and fill with marshmallows, chocolate, butterscotch, or chocolate chips, caramel, peanut butter, etc. Press the filling into the banana flesh and wrap it tightly in foil. Cook in the coals of the campfire away from the flames for about 10 minutes.

recipes obtained from chow.com


Enota Mountain Retreat

1000 Hwy 180,  Hiawassee GA 30546

(706) 896- 9966      email: enota@enota.com

official web site:  www.enota.com


Many Fun Activities!

Organic Farm Tour – Daily , at farm, 4 PM – No charge

Feeding goats,  ducks,  doves,  chickens,  horses,  & bunnies

Feed available for purchase at Lodge.

Organic Farm Tour

Daily 4:00 p.m. at farm – No charge
Milk our cows & goats and pick fresh eggs

Animal Feedings & Farm Tours

available on the weekends from March
15 until May 26 and daily from May 27 to October 31.

Campfire & Marshmallow Roast

(weather permitting)
Fridays 8:30 p.m. in front of the Lodge – No charge
Bring your musical instruments and good stories.
Marshmallows Provided!
Our camp store has chocolate & graham crackers for S’mores

(weather permitting)
Fridays & Saturdays 7:30 pm – $1.00 per person
Meet at the Lodge & pick ups all around the park

(weather permitting)
Saturdays 9:00 p.m.
Meet at the Big Circle in the family tenting area

Organic Produce

Freshly picked from our garden
For sale at the Lodge


Our outdoor activities include a playing in the streams, three in-ground trampolines, horseshoes, volleyball, playground complete with sandbox, multiple large bon fire areas and our fully stocked fishing pond allows you to catch fresh trout ideal for a campfire

Also available is an outdoor covered kitchen with charcoal grills, electricity and water. Our decking system with multiple picnic tables with umbrellas is ideal for groups desiring outdoor picnics and barbecues.

For those rainy days we have hundreds of movie rentals and a TV room with over 300 satellite channels.There are 4 waterfalls which are accessible from the observation deck or by a short hike. Speaking of hiking, there are miles of trails, including a 1.5 mile path connecting to the Appalachian Trail. For quiet time, there are many secluded
spots on the property where you can just relax and listen to the sounds of nature.


Ride Max our miniature horse.
Children 11 or under. 3 p.m. Daily.
$10 per child.
Please register with front desk the day prior so that we can make sure Max is ready.


As part of Enota charter, we are also an educational and charitable facility. Adults and children can visit our organic garden, hydroelectric power plant, Cherokee ceremonial area and animal sanctuary to learn more about the heritage of this land and sustainability.

Trout Fishing

Enota’s stocked trout pond is a great place for the kids to catch a fish or to catch dinner. We can supply you with the poles and no license is required. This is a catch and keep pond only with everything you catch at $6.00 per pound. Stocked with about 500 trout averaging 1.25 pounds.

Healthy Home-Cooked Nutritious Freshly-Prepared

Breakfast & Dinner is available during our season on the weekends.
Please sign-up at front desk for meals.

Below are our weekend specials. Meals are available based on sufficient demand – please call our front desk 706-896-9966 the week of your arrival to check on meal availability.

May 27 – November 30:

Friday Dinner 6:00 p.m. Italian Dinner
$12 per adult (less for children)

Saturday Dinner 6:00 p.m . Fish & Chicken Dinner

$12 per adult (less for children)
Saturday & Sunday 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. Breakfast.

Home cooked breakfast to order (at times may be buffet at $10 per peron) includes choices of eggs,  potatoes,  grits,  bacon,  sausage,  pancakes,  French toast, biscuits,  cereals,  fruit,  beverages,  and more.  Ala Carte Pricing.
Please help us by signing up for dinners at front desk – thank you!

Enota nestles upon over 60 acres held in Trust for conservation.  Enota is a service-based,  charitable,  educational,  non-profit 501(c)3,  volunteer organization.  It is Enota’s mission to conserve this sacred land for generations to come.

Enota Mountain Retreat
1000 Hwy 180, Hiawassee, GA 30546
(706) 896-9966
email: enota@enota.com
official website: http://www.enota.com

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